Giant Optimus Prime Cake

Creator: The French Confection

The thing is the size of a toddler (and I’m sure has more calories ^_^). It has brownie dirt complete with fondant grass and the body is made of cake and rice crispy treats.

Video Game Console Cake

Creators: FancyCakesbyLeslie and Carol Orsini

As you can see, the bottom layer is my fabulous Xbox 360. On top of that is my PS2 and the next layer is my Xbox. If you look closely enough, you can see the DVD remote sensor in a controller port. Such attention to detail! Topping the entire masterpiece (as it should) is the limited edition ‘Legend of Zelda’ gold GameCube.

iPhone Cake

Creator: DebbieDoesCakes

iphone cake all buttercream, airbrushed

Optimus Prime Transformers Cake

Creators: Andrew and Jessica Green

┬áSo after baking 12 8×8 white cakes (9 of which were used), using 5lbs of white fondant, 6 cans of Color Spray, 3 batches of buttercream, 2 vials of silver dust mixed with vodka, and 2 very long days crafting this piece of edible art: we had ourselves our own Optimus Prime cake.

Remote Controlled Dalek Cake

Creator: Pretzel Bender

Geek Cake

Creator: Ruth

Corpse Bride Goth Cake

Creator: Empress Eve

Max Rebo Star Wars Cake

Igloo Snowman Cake

Krispy Kreme Doughnut Cake